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  • Timber Inspection Pty Ltd was formed in late June 2013. It was formed to continue most of the services provided Forests NSW Timber Inspection group following the cessation of the NSW Timber Marketing act and closure of that department as a government entity. The company was formed by the then manager of Forestry Corporation, Timber Inspection Branch, Mr Richard Forrester. It is the view of Richard Forrester and those in the industry that the Timber Inspection group service provided by Forestry Corp was still needed.



  • Timber Inspectors employed by the NSW Government have been around since the 1800s. We are not sure when they started within the Forestry Commission however the recently repealed NSW Forestry Act 1916 makes mention of providing an inspection service. In the 1940s following the collapse of some buildings an Act called the “NSW Timber Marketing Act” was introduced to offer some protection to consumers. This act was amended in 1977 to include the sale of treated timber which had become popular. The Timber Inspection branch of the Forestry Commission carried out this consumer protection role. They also carried out a fee for service role of grading timber. At least 30 years ago they began offering a fee for service role advising clients on termite control. Clients consisted mostly of other government departments. Both the Timber Marketing Act and Forestry Act were repealed in NSW on the 1st of January 2013 when the Forestry Corporation was formed.
  • Based in NSW, covering the whole of Australia.
  • Fee for service.
  • The photos that appear in the margin are also enlarged on our Project Gallery page.

Timber Grading

Timber Inspection provides a timber grading service. We grade to Australian Standards or any specification agreed between the buyer and the seller. The timber can be round (poles, piles, girders), rough sawn, flooring decking or recycled. We inspect new timber or timber in-situ.

  • Our vast knowledge of timber, the timber resources in NSW and the milling process, enables Timber Inspection to also assist you in creating specifications.
  • We also grade timber in-situ, inspecting buildings bridges and wharves.
  • Timber Inspection can offer advice on specifications and put buyers in contact with several suppliers.

Please check out our Timber Grading page.

Termite Inspections

Timber Inspection carry out termite inspections and treatment. The types of structures we inspect are bridges, wharves, commercial buildings such as schools, warehouses and commercial heritage structures as well as your house.

  • Our extensive knowledge of timber and the construction methods used in erecting these structures assist us greatly in detecting and treating the termites.
  • We carry out colony elimination techniques only. We do not do chemical barriers. If we find termites our efforts are directed at eliminating the colony. Some other operators go straight for property protection, eliminating this vital step. The termites will still be there searching for another way back in. If we think your best course of action after colony elimination is a chemical barrier we will say so. Most commercial structures, described above, cannot be protected by barriers. There are some houses that cannot be successfully protected either. We also offer advice to reduce the likelihood of termite attack to these structures.
  • Timber Inspection can of course offer advice on other timber pests such as borers, decay fungi or marine pests.

Please check out our Termite Inspections page.

Timber Reports

  • Have you purchased or sold timber that has not performed as expected or are you trying to resolve a dispute relating to a timber performance issue? Timber Inspection can investigate and write a report which may be used to resolve the issue, negotiate with the other party, assist in resolving a dispute through Fair Trading or be used in court proceedings.
  • Timber Inspection abides by the expert witness code of conduct.
  • Timber is a natural renewable product and it is not meant to be perfect. Many standards have been developed over the years to ensure timber performs adequately in service.

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