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New timber bridge. Yes still possible

New timber bridge. Yes still possible

This bridge inspection was postponed

This bridge inspection was postponed


Timber Inspection Pty Ltd was formed in late June 2013. It was formed to continue most of the services provided Forests NSW Timber Inspection group following the cessation of the NSW Timber Marketing act and closure of that department as a government entity. The company was formed by the then manager of Forestry Corporation, Timber Inspection Branch, Mr Richard Forrester. It is the view of Richard Forrester and those in the industry that the Timber Inspection group service provided by Forestry Corp was still needed.


Timber Inspectors employed by the NSW Government have been around since the 1800s. We are not sure when they started within the Forestry Commission however the recently repealed NSW Forestry Act 1916 makes mention of providing an inspection service. In the 1940s following the collapse of some buildings an Act called the “NSW Timber Marketing Act” was introduced to offer some protection to consumers. This act was amended in 1977 to include the sale of treated timber which had become popular. The Timber Inspection branch of the Forestry Commission carried out this consumer protection role. They also carried out a fee for service role of grading timber. At least 30 years ago they began offering a fee for service roll advising clients on termite control. Whilst the Company is still called Timber Inspection from around 2000 work carried out on Termite related matters overtook the work carried out grading timber. We have a range of existing domestic and commercial and government customers.We also cater for the one off customer who wants an independent Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections.

Richard Forrester

Technical qualifications.

  • Certificate in Wood Technology;
  • Certificate in Preservative Treatment of timber;
  • Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety;
  • Certificate in Urban Pest Control;
  • Certificate IV in Building Studies Residential;
  • Statement of Attainment, Grade hardwood sawn and milled products;
  • Statement of Attainment, Grade softwood sawn and milled products;
  • Statement of Attainment, Visually stress grade hardwood;
  • Statement of Attainment, Visually stress grade softwood;
  • TAE 40110 Cert IV Training and Assessment;
  • I am a licensed Pest Control Operator.
Richard Forrester managed the Timber Inspection Branch between 2013 and 2006. Mr Forrester was the Deputy Manager of the Timber Inspection Branch 2006 to 2002. From 2002 to 1993 he was the Coffs Harbour inspector for the Timber Inspection Branch. Mr Forrester started work in the timber industry at the age of 18 working for a logging contractor. Within 10 years he was managing a business for one of the larger hardwood producers.

Richard Forrester represented the Forestry Commission on several Australian Standards committees relating to either timber grading timber treatment or building inspections. He has also represented the Forestry Commission on several industry committees. Richard Forrester’s roll on some of these committees was one of consumer protection. He always strives to see timber used correctly both to enhance its image and prolong its life.


Our staff have extensive Timber and Termites experience the least amount of experience of our field workers is 9 Years the most 25 years with an average of 18 years. All field staff are accredited Pest Management Technicians or in the case of trainees working with accredited technicians. We have also completed courses in Timber Pest Management and staff have reviewed these courses in the past for TAFE.

Whilst with Forest NSW,Timber Inspectors were part of standards committees for redrafting Australian Standards in relation to timber and timber pest standards.